E-L accelerated 2017 STORIES

I have been privileged to teach a group of very talented students.
I wish you all the best. Good luck in your B2 exams in 2018 or any other challenge that lies ahead.

Sample writing
Different versions of Debbie's story

Aggelos Tagouzis - Debbie’s story
A story: Homecoming

Debbie woke up early that morning feeling nervous and excited. Her father was coming home after fifteen years. It was a special moment for her because she was going to meet her father for the first time. By the time she was born her father had already gone to war.

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Orestis Chatzigeorgiou
Update Log-Captain-Debbie Watson

Debbie woke up early that morning feeling nervous and excited. She and her crew were going to be the first humans to explore the planet M315700D. It was spotted by a NUSU telescope. The planet had the perfect conditions for life to evolve on it. It was located in a solar system in the Milkyway and it had a sun about the size of ours too.

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Peter Papaioannou

Debbie woke up early that morning feeling nervous and excited. She was leaving for her school trip, and for the first time in her life, she was so worried about leaving home. On the one hand, she was looking forward to going to the school trip, but on the other she had never left home for five days before.
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B-C Accelerated - Cities worth visiting

6 Powerpoint presentations / projects by B-C Accelerated students 2015-16


A Disaster Story

A Special Person in My Life

A special person in my life
by Marios Charitos (9 years old)

When my teacher asked me to write about someone I know, I immediately thought of my sister, Xenia. Xenia is not very tall, but she is smart, beautiful and athletic. She has curly, long, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.She is fourteen years old. She is five years older than me. My love for her is huge!

Xenia is hard working, responsible and sensitive. She studies a lot because she wants to be something important when she’s a grown up. She is busy with school homework all the time, but sometimes she lets her school homework and she helps me with mine. She is very fun to be with and patient, too!

She also wants to be active. She plays sports and she loves taking part in running races and long jump competitions. That’s something that we have in common. I love running sports as well! Xenia likes to watch movies about people who travel in strange and dangerous places and they can’t escape. Xenia organised a school trip to France. When she finishes her studies she plans to travel in America. That’s another thing that we have in common.

Xenia is definitely the most exciting person in my family. I chose to write about her because she always helps me and because she is always there when I need her!


My superhero

Elena Lekanidi
My superhero is Ender Hero. She can teleport, fly and she has a hypnotising stare, too. She has got these superpowers because she has got a super eye on her costume! 
She has got a secret cave so she can hide from her enemies. She tries to save her father and to save the world, too! 
Her enemy is her uncle, Enderville. He wants to catch her and kill her. Also he wants to make all the people his slaves and to be the king, but my superhero can stop him.

Maria Electra Pavli
My superhero's name is Superwoman. Superwoman can fly and shoot laser from her eyes. She can also shoot ice from her belt. She has got many superpowers so she can stop the villains and save the world. This is very difficult, but she tries to make things right.
Her enemy is Lex Luther. He wants to make people his slaves, but Superwoman can stop him!

Marios Haritos
Hello, this is my villain. His name is Destroyer and he has got lots of superpowers. He has got firehair. He has also got a tattoo that shoots laser and he has got hypnotising eyes. He has got two blades to kill lots of people and four metal hands to catch people who run. From his right hand, he can shoot fire and he has got a necklace to bring him good luck. He can attack really hard because he has got very strong metal arms.
He is invisible so he can do anything he wants; conquer the world, kill superheroes, hurt people and if he can't conquer the world he wants to build a big super weapon of mass destruction. His enemy is Paderman but but my villain always says that tomorrow is another day, so we don't know what my villain can do. 

Renata Tsougriani
My superhero is called Stelth. Her superpowers are flying and throwing ice from her hands but she can't throw fire. She can fly over the city and she can freeze the villains because she has got superpowers. She has got ice in her heart. 
Her enemy is Dr Doom. He wants to conquer the world but my superhero can stop him.

Orestis Hatzigeorgiou
Hi! My name is Orestis and this is my Superhero. His name is Paderman. He is really strong, so he can lift cars and save people. He can see in the dark and behind walls. He can also run very fast and listen very well! He can fly very fast, too! My superhero can do all these things because he's not human! Paderman is from planet Zeptex, a planet full of superheroes.
Paderman's got a magic symbol which allows him to change form. He can speak many earth languages but he can't speak Japanese or Dutch. He also can't drive a car or read human's letters. He tries to save people from Earth. 
His enemy is Dr Madness. He wants to conquer the world, kill people and Paderman. But Paderman always stops him!